Mahalo for taking the time to read this material and for considering a run for office as a Fair Elections candidate. Voter-Owned, or Fair elections may be the most exciting campaign reform to ever hit American politics. Just by trying to qualify for public funds, you’ll be doing profound work and making history.

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Candidate's FAQ 101

Candidate's FAQ 201

Candidate's FAQ 301 - Updates by the Campaign Spending Commission

Candidate Guidebook

Copy of the Bill -- (In 2008, House Bill 661 CD1 created Act 244)

Candidate Video Tutorials

Straight Facts

Comprehensive public funding was implemented in Maine in 1998, and already 78% of all legislators in the Maine legislature are “clean” candidates who accept absolutely no private money, and who spend none of their time hustling for money. Instead, they spend their time with their people. This new way of running for office is exciting for the legislators who are taking part in it, and it’s exciting for the people, who see their legislators more often, trust their legislators more, and feel more connected to government in general. Voter turnout is increasing in Maine, the number of uncontested seats is going down, and the laws that are being passed are better representations of a true democratic process. There are other states besides Maine that are jumping at this exciting opportunity too, and the results in these states are similar to the phenomena in Maine.

In These Documents

Included in these informational materials, you’ll find fact sheets that explain the general principles and mechanics of a comprehensive public funding option as well as a FAQ page that will help you answer common questions about the Clean Elections program and what that would mean for the disenchanted voters in Hawaii.

Thank you again for taking the time to educate yourself about this really special program and for considering what this would mean for the people who care about Hawaii and who care about what the future holds for the state.