Voter Owned Hawaii is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is working to upgrade and modernize Hawaii's outdated, and ineffective partial public funding option for elections. Like many other states, we'd like to create a comprehensive public funding option so that candidates can get a competitive amount of money to run for office


During the 1978 Constitutional Convention (ConCon), Hawaii voters realized the danger of holding elections for candidates who raised money only from private, or special interests. Consequently, they added an amendment to Hawaii's Constitution that required the state to provide a partial public funding option to candidates who qualify. Unfortunately, over the years, elections have become more expensive, and the partial public funding program does not provide a competitive amount of money. Further, the partial funding still allows candidates to raise special interest money, which doesn't allow them to truly break free from the constraints of pressure from their funders.

About ten years ago, the Clean Elections movement that had been brewing accross the country suddenly burst onto the scene when Maine and Arizona implemented a full public funding option for statewide elections races.

Like so many citizens in other states who had been frustrated by the corrosive effects of private money on the lawmaking process, some of Hawaii's residents decided to begin to push for a comprehensive public funding option by upgrading our outdated partial public funding system. Finally, in 2008, we were able to pressure the Hawaii House, Senate, and Governor into allowing a pilot program for Clean Elections on the Big Island, beginning with the 2010 County Council elections.

Hawaii Elections Project (HEP) HEP is a 501(c)(3) non profit that focuses primarily on education, outreach, and advocacy.

HEP Board of Directors

  • Randy Ching
  • Will Best
  • Grace Furukawa
  • Paul McKimmy
  • Chris Yuen
  • KC Coburn


Phone    808-457-8622