Below you'll find information and fact sheets about the ins and outs of how a public funding option for elections works.

General Information




Hawaii Information

AARP -- Campaign Finance Reform in Hawaii: A Survey of Residents 18+

Hawai'i residents show high support for each of the three specific features of the state
campaign finance reform proposal: three-quarters (74%) support participating candidates
receiving an equal amount of public funds to finance their campaigns, six in ten (61%)
support not allowing participating candidates to raise money from private sources, and
seven in ten (71%) support participating candidates not being able to spend more than
they receive from the public election fund.


Miscellaneous & National Reports

Unholy Alliance -- How the private prison industry is corrupting democracy and promoting mass incarceration

Buying Time -- How money bought legislators' time in Connecticut before Clean Elections


Maine Results from Fair Elections

2007 Maine Report


Davis v FEC Supreme Court Case

Matching Funds Mechanisms & Davis

Brennan Center for Justice Fact Sheet

Arizona Results from Fair Elections

Arizona Summary Report 2002

Arizona Voter Turnout data

Positive Trends